How to Makeover a Simple Storage Cube

When we finished our son’s bedroom, we needed to add some storage under the newly built loft bed. We wanted to find something budget friendly, simple and quick! This simple storage cube was just the solution. We had this cube in the basement. You can find it new at Walmart for a great price! Ikea also has some amazing storage cubes available. This cube was definitely in need of an upgrade. We put together some easy steps to create this DIY Storage cube upgrade.

We love reusing old materials and furniture for projects like this. This project reminds me of our locker project where we salvaged some old metal lockers and turned them into a cute mudroom storage unit.

DIY Storage Cube Upgrade Steps

Step 1- Make Wood Top

Our plan to makeover this simple storage cube starts with adding a solid white oak top. Any hardwood found at your local home center will work. We cut the board to size and added 1/2″ to the front and two sides. This gives the wood top a small overhang and will really start to make this storage cube look amazing. Make sure to give the board a good sanding on all sides and slightly round over the edges with sandpaper.

Step 2 – Make Custom Feet

Adding some height and decorative feet to the simple storage cube will make this simple piece look like a expensive furniture item. We had some 1-1/2″ thick oak boards to make tapered wood feet. If you do not have access to this thickness of wood you can always glue two pieces of 3/4″ material together. The legs were cut on a miter saw and sanded smooth. Below is a drawing of the feet dimensions.

makeover ikea storage cube

Step 3 – Fasten parts to the simple storage cube

Once all your parts are made and finished with stain, it’s time to fasten them to the storage cube. When using a hardwood like white oak, it is very important to pre-drill every screw to prevent it from breaking. We used 1-1/4″ screws to fasten the wood top and 2″ screws for the wood feet.

Once you makeover a simple storage cube you will be looking to hack all other kinds of furniture! Often times these upgrades can be made with minimal tools and scraps of material. If you are new to the world of DIY you can check out my post on building your DIY Tool Kit and start this project today!

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