How To Build A TV Lift Cabinet {Tips and Tricks you need to know}

When Sarah and I were designing the living room, we did not want the TV to be the focal point of the room. We wanted the faux concrete fireplace to be the main focus with simple & timeless cabinets on each side. These cabinets would complement the size and organic stature of the fireplace mantel. Our best option was to build a TV lift cabinet that would completely hide the television when not in use. The right TV Lift mechanism or Television lift kit can make this concept much easier!

Now you see it…

television lift cabinet

Nothing to see here folks…

Hidden tv lift in living room

When building a TV lift cabinet the following steps will come in handy:

  • Take into consideration how big your TV is now and how big it could be in a few years? You want to plan accordingly.
  • Most TV lifts specify a “Minimum Box Size”. This is one of the most important dimensions when planning your TV cabinet. This basically tells you the minimum size the encousure can be (minus the thickness of the TV).
  • Download the prints and specifications of the TV lift.
  • Try to give yourself as much access to the TV lift mechanism as possible. Our cabinet back is removable to allow for easy install and access.
  • You will need an outlet near the TV lift. Most TV lifts require a typical 120 volt outlet to power the lift, TV and video components.
  • If you are not comfortable building cabinets yourself a shallow 12″ deep cabinet from Ikea or a home center would be ideal for an application like this. The rear section would be a simple box to house the TV lift and the narrow 12″ deep cabinets would be in the front like ours below.
TV lift mechanism

TV Lift Mechanisms

In our search for a TV lift we decided to go with a Whisper Lift Pro Swivel from Touchstone Products. This lift was perfect for us. Once the TV is elevated it can be pulled forward and swivels to face the sofa or any seat in the room. In my research, I have found that Touchstone products are much quieter when compared to similar brands. The lifts come with all the necessary electronic controllers, remotes, switches and wires to make this system extremely easy to install.

If you are interested in a great lift without the swivel function the Whisper Lift is another great option.

Television lift mechanism
television lift

Benefits of a TV Lift

The hidden TV lift cabinet was one of my favorite projects! It is so nice to have the option to completely remove the television from this living room. There are many rooms that a Television lift would come in handy. Bedrooms and basements come to mind as ideal places to store a TV lift. I have also seen television lift kits used in RV’s and campers due to their space saving features!

Installing a television lift like kit this is not as difficult as you might think. I would encourage you to give it a try if you feel like its a good solution to your design.

If you are unable to have cabinets on the side of your fireplace, we think the frame tv’s are a great design option too. The beautiful technology of a thin TV and ability to change the art is a fun solution.

Samsung Frame TV 65″

Samsung Frame TV 55″

Samsung Frame TV 42″

Hidden TV lift cabinet

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