How To Build A Loft Bed-Free Plans

If you are wondering how to build a loft bed or looking a simple loft bed plans you have come to the right place. We are so happy we decided to stick with a DIY loft bed concept for our sons room. Loft beds can add so much usable space to a smaller room. You can add storage, seating, desk space, and so much more to the underside of this loft bed. This was more of a kids loft bed design but it also has a modern loft bed style for an adult

We searched for weeks trying to come up with the best design. After many different versions we settled on a simple but modern loft bed. We are in love with how this turned out!

The best part about this plan is that you can build this kids loft bed design to any height you want! Ours is 53″ tall so we could easily say goodnight and give our little guy a hug. This plan can also be converted to a bunk bed by adding a mattress and some additional wood on the floor. This bed is sized for a typical twin mattress (38″ x 75″).

Simple Loft bed plans
kids loft bed design
Kids loft bed design
Boys room

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Tools and materials to build this simple loft bed

  • 1-1/2 ” White Oak Lumber (Typical 1-1/2″ framing lumber can be used if desired)
  • Wood Glue
  • Dowel jig and dowels (Best method for assembling frame)
  • Kreg Jig and Solid wood plugs (Another option for joining the frame)
  • Table saw
  • Drill and screw gun (Check out some of my favorite personal tools here )
  • 4″ screws to join frames together
  • 3/4″ Plywood cut into 5″ strips for mattress support slats.

Steps and Important Notes

  • Cut all parts to size using the prints.
  • Glue, dowel and clamp the frames together. If you are not a big fan of dowels you can easily pocket screw this frame together. I would recommend using matching wood plugs to cover the pocket holes.
  • Fasten the two sides together using 4″ screws.
  • We screwed a 1″ x 1″ strip to the back of the long frame and a matching strip to the wall. This strip would be used to hold the plywood slats that hold the mattress.
  • Cut 3/4″ plywood into strips to support the mattress. We screwed the strips into place.
simple loft bed plans

The right loft bed design is so important! We would love to hear from you and see some pictures if you decide to this DIY loft bed.

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  1. Love this loft bed and would love to make one! Do you have any further detailed instructions on assembly?

  2. This is beautiful and I think I’m going to use it as a base for a new loft bed for my daughter.

    One question though: You say “fasten the two sides together using 4″ screws” however I don’t see any screw holes on the outside of the frame. Where are you screwing in these screws? Are you also using dowels to join the two pieces?

    1. Hi Robert! Thanks for the message! We only used 4 screws and no dowels for connecting the two frames together. We put the screws from the rear of the frame so it’s not as visible as from the front.

      1. Thanks I can see it now if I zoom into the picture. I’m drawing up my own plans based on this and my daughter is very excited. Keep up the great work!

  3. What did you use to seal the white oak wood? We are building bunk beds made of a mix of white oak boards and plywood with white oak veneer. As you know the boards are pricey, and I just want to seal the beautiful natural color without getting a yellow tone. Thank you!

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