Simple DIY Stool That Is Sure To Impress

Wow…..this one was fun! This is another great Lula and Georgia dupe! This simple modern DIY stool was such a blast to make. A wood stool like this could be the perfect addition to any space in your home. You can place two stools in front of the fireplace or at foot of your bed. How about a single stool near your bath as a bath stand?

DIY stool

The best part about this stool was the cost! We made this DIY stool for only $35 and it was so simple! I lay out all the dimensions below for you to tackle this DIY. Once all the pieces are cut and drilled slide all the parts onto the 5 wooded dowels. Glue and pin nail the first and last few slats and you are done!

Modern DIY Stool Dupe

Tip: we applied the stain/sealer before assembling. This saves A LOT of time! For another fun Lula and Georgia dupe that is totally doable check out this DIY Console table.

Tell me if you think you would take on this modern DIY stool?

Modern wood stool

DIY Stool Materials and Tools:

  • 3/4″ poplar or any type of hardwood
  • 3/4″ wood dowels about 24″ long
  • 3/4 forester big
  • Nail gun and small 1″ pin nails
  • Table Saw
  • Wood Glue

If you are looking to build your DIY Tool kit check out some of my recommendations here

Steps To Build A Wood Stool

  • Cut 20 of the longer leg parts
  • Cut 10 of the shorter seat parts
  • Cut 1 extra of each to use as a drilling template
  • Mark hole dimensions on drilling template
  • Use the template to drill all of the parts
  • Sand and finish all parts
  • Place the first 3 parts flat on a table and glue and insert 3/4 dowels
  • Add slats and apply glue to the last set
  • Add a few pin nails to hold in place while glue dries
  • Trim and sand dowels flush
  • Touch up sanded area with finish
Slat bench
Moder diy wood slat stool plans

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